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Rev. Miso Park


At Bergen Highlands...


We value Mission


We value being Christ-Centered


We value Community


We value Family


We believe that God is leading us to reclaim our passion for mission by engaging more intentionally with the individuals we are called to serve. God has already equipped us by strengthening our willingness to change and our open-mindedness. We are being led out of the walls of our building and into the surrounding communities. God has called us to connect to our neighbors and to become the church of the world.


We invite you to become part of the journey as we explore the frontier of serving God in the world. Please feel free to contact Pastor Miso Park by email at:


Rev. Miso Park :: Pastor

Organist :: Steve Freides

Choir Director :: Betsy Haley

Youth Director :: Miso Park

Lay Leader ::Patricia Hiler

Lay Speakers :: Ken Gabbert


Leadership Team :: Patricia Hiler, Chair

Lorraine Meyer, Matt Mitovich

Armand del Rosario

Ken Gabbert, Ken Geary,

 Carla Kozen, Marie Alphee

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